At Nottingham Elementary we LOVE our teachers and staff! And one way we show our love is to treat them to a little something - for them or their classroom. 


Use the "Teacher Favorite Things" link to find out what would make your favorite teacher or staff member smile. And, if you would like to contribute something to the classroom, you can shop directly from Amazon and have it delivered straight to school. 




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Ms. Campbell


Ms. Dayries

Ms. House

Ms. Kingsley

Ms. Maynard

1st Grade

Ms.  Green

Ms.  Perera

Ms.  Raschke

2nd Grade

Ms.  Dale

Ms.  Redden

Ms.  Song

Ms.  Thomeer

3rd Grade

Ms.  Beatty

Ms.  Blanchard

Ms.  Borally

Ms.  Lay

4th Grade

Ms.  Choy

Ms.  Klassen

Ms.  O'Meara

Mr.  Romo

5th Grade

Ms.  Breidenthal

Ms.  Chu

Ms.  Marshall

Specials & Specialists

Ms. Bailey 
Ms. Ripley 
Coach Chavers 
Ms. Smith 
Office Team 

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