4th and 5th Grade Parents...Extreme Science Needs You! Extreme Science is a parent-led program with a goal to “bring science to life.”  

We do one hands-on experiment each month on interesting topics with the kids. It is 100% parent led and is only successful if we have parent volunteers each month. As a parent volunteer, you will be responsible for managing a table of 5-8 kids for a 30-45 minute experiment. All of the planning and organization has been done, we just need your help with the lessons. The kids do most of the work and you are there to help along the way. It is really fun to see your child in a learning environment.


NO SCIENCE EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED! You will be receiving a sign-up genius via email each month. Please just come and help out when you can!


We hope you will all consider participating in the Extreme Science program this year. It’s a great way to be with your child and be a part of his/her education.


Check back for signup links closer to the dates!

September 27 - Mass, Volume and Density
October 25 - Circuits
November 22 - Reflection/Refraction
January 17 - Moon Phases
February 21 - Owl Pellet Dissection
February 28 - Bugs on Wheels
April 17 - Shark Dissection

questions or want to get involved?

Please contact Erin Warren at erinkray@yahoo.com

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