Room Parents provide support and information to help the teachers during class parties and special events and help parents stay informed of classroom needs and activities. 

Primary Responsibilities of a room parent

Classroom Parties

Assist the teacher in organizing the Winter and Valentines parties. This could include finding crafts or games, collecting donations, organizing a treat list and finding volunteers.


Classroom Needs

When a teacher needs additional supplies or snacks, the room parent will assist in sharing that message and confirming donations.


Special Events

For field trips and other events, the room parent will assist in finding and coordinating chaperones and other volunteers.


Getting to Know the Teacher

Room parents will be provided with a questionnaire about your teacher’s specific likes and dislikes. Share this information with your class to assist parents who would like to celebrate the teacher's birthday, a holiday or otherwise recognize the teacher.


Class Contact Information

Room Parents should compile a list of all of the students’ contact information from the opt in form and create a class list to distribute to all of the families in the class. The opt in forms were provided to all room parents. 


Click here to find your Room Parent's name and email once they are assigned. 


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