Nottingham Elementary 2023-2024 Guidelines

The mission of Nottingham Elementary PTA is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.


September 13th – 5:30PM @ NHE (starts the last 30 minutes of Open House).
October 20th – 12:00PM @ NHE
January 17th – 5:30PM @ NHE
February 7th – 5:00PM @ NHE

NEW DATE! March 20th - 3:30PM @ NHE
April 12th – 9:30AM @ NHE
May 8th – 9:30AM @ NHE


April 12th is a voting meeting where the 2024-2025 PTA Board will be elected. The Nottingham Elementary PTA Nominating Committee submits the following nominees for the 2024-2025 academic year:


President: Megan Rosenbaum

Vice President – Support Programs: Camille Wieprecht

Vice President – Education Programs: Stephanie Balash

Vice President – Membership: Paige Trahan

Vice President – Large Fundraising: Sara Moore

Vice President – Small Fundraising: Christina Dugan

Secretary: Natalie Hightower

Treasurer: Jasmine Avants


Please note, dates and times are tentative and could change due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are a committee chair and have a report to give at a meeting please let the President, Julie Walla, know at by the Tuesday before the Friday meeting so that you may be included on the agenda. 



As chair of a committee, please recruit volunteers as needed. The Back-to-School breakfast, monthly Grade level luncheons, and Extreme Science provide opportunities to find volunteers. We will use Sign Up Genius again this year and parents will be able to sign up via computer at these events if they have not done so already. The PTA President is an ex-officio member of every committee and should be invited to attend meetings and be kept apprised of committee plans and progress.


The PTA mailbox is in the front office work room where PTA mail and other communications are distributed. Please label a basket for your committee anytime that you expect to receive forms, information, or payment. The black lock box is used to leave deposits and check requests. It is in the front office in the copy room underneath the cabinet.


To submit content for the NHE PTA  Weekly newsletter, social media, and website, please coordinate with your PTA VP to complete and submit the Communication Request form.  If you are unsure who to contact please e-mail the Communications Team at


Information to include when submitting your content request to your VP:

  • Title, date, time, location information
  • Detailed overview for website
  • Short blurb for newsletter and Facebook posts (if you would like to schedule multiple posts, please include those as well)
  • Any images or necessary downloads
  • Chair, board, committee
  • Sponsorship and logos

PTA newsletters are e-mailed on Monday. Content to be included in the weekly newsletter must be received by the previous Wednesday. Requests submitted after the deadline will go in the following week's release.


All check requests must be made by completing a check request/reimbursement form located in the Treasurer’s box located in the front office work room or on the PTA website. Place the invoice, receipts and supporting paperwork inside the envelope and return it to Treasurer – Sarah Davidson. Please do not seal the envelope. The check will either be mailed directly to the vendor, or if the check is a reimbursement made payable to you, it can be found in the Treasurer’s box or committee chair’s box. Please email the Treasurer, Sarah Davidson at with any questions. Please use the Nottingham PTA sales tax exemption form found on the PTA website when purchasing taxable items. We cannot reimburse you for sales tax.


Deposit forms can be found in either the PTA box in the NHE front office workroom or on the PTA website. Please complete and sign the form and place it in the black lock box in the workroom. Please do not hold checks or cash for more than 1 day. Contact the Treasurer to alert her of large deposits left in the lockbox box or if you have a large cash deposit that may need delivery directly to her. All committee chairs are responsible for making sure their committee does not spend over the approved budget amount. If you see that you are going to spend over the amount allocated, you must advise the Treasurer and President for Executive Board approval. The PTA will NOT pay expenses over the budgeted amounts unless they have been approved in advance.


Please remember that all unused funds in a budget will be immersed back into the general fund and can be used for other items. In other words, please spend your budgeted money wisely and resist spending it on unnecessary items just because there is money remaining in your budget. 


If you plan to ask businesses or NHE families to donate money or services, you must first contact the VP-Small Fundraising, Katie McBeth. She will advise you of our underwriting/donation guidelines and inform you of any previous solicitations as well as the appropriate recognition levels. Effective July 2014, Texas PTA will allow PTAs to purchase gift cards, but must meet the following requirements: 1) any gift cards purchased shall NOT exceed $25, 2) gift cards must be retail specific, i.e. branded cards of restaurants, stores, etc., 3) generic cards (Mastercard, Visa, etc.) are NOT permitted.


Thank you for all that you do to make NHE a GREAT school!