Nottingham Elementary 2019-2020 PTA Standing Rules

Duties of the Officers

  1. Each vice-president will provide leadership and organizational direction to the chairs of the Standing and Special committees specifically assigned to him/her by the president. Standing and Special committee assignments for the upcoming year will be made in a meeting of the newly elected president and vice-presidents to be held prior to the end of the school year in which they are elected.
  2. Each vice-president will confirm the transfer of written guidelines from existing Standing and Special committee chairs to their successor.
  3. The chairperson of the largest fund-raiser of the year will report to the 3rd vice-president.
  4. It will be the duty of the Treasurer to maintain a list of habitual NSF check offenders and send notice to said offenders requiring all payments to the PTA must be cash only.


Duties of Standing and Special committee chairmen

  1. Committee chairs are responsible for submitting a plan of work, including a budget if applicable, to the VP over the committee. They will report to the VP monthly or more frequently if necessary based on projects/duties. 
  2. Committee chairs may recruit members to their committee as necessary to complete their duties or specific projects. 


  1. Nottingham PTA shall pay the expenses of board members and standing committee members to the Texas PTA State Convention and Summer Leadership Seminar, as funds allow.
  2. Expenses to be paid for shall be limited to Registration Fee.
  3. If funds permit, after expenses have been allocated for Summer Leadership Seminar and State Convention, the local unit shall pay the expenses of a representative(s) to the National PTA Convention.
  4. Nottingham PTA shall pay the expenses for the officers to attend the Texas PTA Leader Orientation.
  5. Nottingham PTA shall purchase a past president’s pin for the retiring president.
  6. Nottingham PTA shall purchase tickets for the Council Founder’s Day function for the following persons:
    • Principal
    • Vice Principal
    • President
    • Current year’s life membership recipients


Annual Events

  1. There will be at least 2 fundraisers each academic year.  Specifics of the fundraisers to be determined the prior academic year by the board and budget committee.

Budget and Finance Issues

  1. For reimbursement of PTA expenses, a completed check request with attached receipts must be left in the Treasurer’s file and approved with signature by the President and Treasurer.
  2. Check requests should be submitted within two weeks of the purchase unless discussed directly with the Treasurer.
  3. Check requests for direct payment to a vendor should be accompanied by an invoice and submitted two week prior to due date to vendor unless discussed directly with the Treasurer.
  4. If check request is submitted for reimbursement to Treasurer or President – the Secretary is required to approve with signature.  


  1. The President will be responsible for the distribution of award forms to committee chairman and submission of these completed awards to council, district, and Texas PTA.
  2. Awards are the possession of this PTA and are to be displayed at the school or placed in a historic book.  This does not include recognition pins.


  1. Executive board members shall not expect privileges or rights that are not due any other parent or taxpayer in the school district.
  2. Executive board members shall not speak to school district personnel or media as representing the local PTA unit unless authorized to do so by the executive board or the general membership.

Upcoming Events