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green knights toy market

Get ready for the “Toy Trunk Treasures” at the Nottingham Elementary School parking lot on Saturday, April 27th, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM! Knights, this is your chance to reserve a parking spot in the school parking lot and transform your parents’ car into a pop-up store for your old toys and kids-related items. Make sure your toys are in good condition because this sale is all about recycling and learning the value of things. You can set up a table or blanket in front of your car and create colorful posters to attract buyers. Let’s be eco-friendly in choosing decorations! After the sale, you can choose to donate any leftover items to a good cause. It’s not just a fun way to make some pocket money; it’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn about recycling, marketing, and giving back to the community.


Reserve your spot now by sending an email to the Green Knights at or Spaces are limited! See you at the Toy Trunk Treasures Market organized by the Green Knights!


Important Information and FAQ:

Who can participate:

All NHE families and students are invited to participate. An adult must be present at your booth for the duration of the event.


How many spaces are available?

We will use maximum one double row of the parking lot. The other row will be reserved for visitors of the market. You will get one parking spot and can set a foldable table or blanket or clothing rack in front of your trunk. No supplies will be provided.


What can we sell?

Anything kid related. Your own made art of jewelry, your old toys, old baby clothes or baby items. Kid home decor. Make sure everything is in good condition. You may not sell food/drinks/snacks. You may not sell baby equipment that has expired.


When should we arrive to set up?

Set up is from 8:00AM to 9:00AM. First come will have the spots closest to the entrance of the parking lot. We will fill the lot up from there. For safety reasons, we will not allow cars to leave the parking lot  before 11:05AM when the coordinators give the clear to drive away.


Is it rain or shine?

No, with a severe weather forecast we will postpone. Please bring a large trash bag or blanket to cover your things in case of temporary rain.


Can we expect a lot of people to buy?

We will promote the sale as a yard sale in the area as much as we can. With yard sale signs, on various internet sites, in our own neighborhood facebook group.


Is NHE involved?

This event is hosted by the NHE Green Knights Club to promote awareness about recycling. This event is not a fundraiser and no money exchanged will be provided to NHE or the NHE PTA. 


Item Pricing?

Pricing is up to you! Payment can be made cash or through your parents electronic payment system (Venmo, Zelle, Paypal etc.).


Questions? Feel free to email us at or


We have many opportunities for Volunteers in our Gardens and through our Environmental projects at NHE this year.  No gardening experience or expertise is required!  If you are interested, please reach out to our NHE Garden & Environmental Team directly via  We look forward to hearing from you!