Room Parents provide support and information to help the teachers during class parties and special events and help parents stay informed of classroom needs and activities. 


Room Parent Name

Room Parent Email 


Ms. Campbell

Ada Bishop

Ms. Yepez

Mariana Johnson


Ms. Dayries

Jasmine Avants

Ms. House

Leigh Woodruff

Ms. Maynard

Amy Acosta

Ms. Mercaldo

Rebecca Rigby-Roberts

1st Grade

Ms. Roadarmel

Sarah Davidson

Ms. Perera

Maria Camillo

Ms. Kingsley



2nd Grade

Ms. Dale

Cotti Villagomez

Ms. Redden

Chrystal Bowsher

Ms. Song

Chrissie Welch

Ms. Thomeer

Diane B. Rios

3rd Grade

Ms. Beatty

Blair Heiligbrodt

Ms. Blanchard



Ms. Lay

Michelle Pendleton

Ms. Shaw



4th Grade

Ms. Choy

Chrissie Welch

Ms. Chu

Lola Gonzalez

Ms. O'Meara

Patti Mennes

Mr. Marshall

Sarah Campbell

5th Grade

Ms. Breidenthal



Ms. Klassen



Ms. Bagos



Specials & Specialists

Ms. Bailey    
Ms. Lucas    
Office Team    

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